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Make Room For Wonder

If you could be part of that very first Christmas, where would you be? Would it be at the Annunciation? Astounded by Gabriel’s announcement to Mary? Would you want to dance in the amazement of Elizabeth? As the infant-prophet did somersaults in her womb? Would you marvel with Zacharias As…
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Zoom in, Zoom out

By Joanna La Fleur After Hours Millennial Host  WOW what a year it has been, yet again! We have all come through so much more than expected in our personal lives, our work, our church communities, and even as the team at See Hear Love with things like Melinda’s major…
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Character over Influence

From our Women’s Panel Contributor Esther Lysakovsky I recently read a post on Instagram that stopped me mid-scroll. The caption read, “Things that do not equal character: Authority Title Charisma Platform Influence Accomplishments Intelligence Bible Knowledge Education …Character is revealed in how well you love.” It always comes back to love, doesn’t it?…
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Becoming a Confident Woman

From our Ask The Experts Co-Host Dr. Merry Lin I sat in the office, looking at my boss, my heart racing and my palms sweating. Thoughts were racing through my mind, but I found myself stuttering, struggling to articulate myself fully. Before the meeting, I had carefully thought through what I…
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Work is Not Your Identity

By Matt Vincent Men’s Panel Co-Host Several years ago I was in Mozambique with some friends, visiting some international partners and programs. At some point during the 10-day trip, I met a man doing some incredible work loving and serving kids and teens who were living on the streets. As…
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