Anne-Marie Mediwake

CTV YOUR MORNING host Anne-Marie Mediwake is an accomplished journalist who brings more than two decades of news and current affairs experience back home to CTV where she began her network career as the host of the Gemini Award-winning investigative program 21C, and reporter for CTV NATIONAL NEWS.  Previously, the…
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Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning medical doctor, internationally recognized for her expertise in mental health, stress management, burnout prevention and resilience.  She has provided education on these topics to a wide range of organizations including the United States Navy, Google, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, AT&T and MIT.  In addition to…
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Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton is a speaker, podcaster, author, guest TV host and leadership coach. She hosts a digital coaching community and is the founder of the Ezer Collective, two initiatives dedicated to investing in women leaders around the world, equipping them to own their voice, and boldly step into their calling.…
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Roxanne Harris

Roxanne Harris, the Audacious Wellness Warrior, lives and works out of her 176-year-old home office on her hobby farm in Ontario, Canada. Roxanne is a tenacious wellness practitioner with over sixteen years of clinical experience with diplomas in Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Blood Microscopy, and Bioregulatory Medicine. Roxanne is also a…
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Loretta Hibbs

Loretta Hibbs is the Founder and President of City Dream Centre, a non-profit organization offering support to the most vulnerable populations in the City of Surrey and beyond.  City Dream Centre provides education, training, dental care, school support, and hunger relief programs. Loretta’s heart is to help individuals and families…
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Krista Penner

Krista currently serves Fellowship Pacific churches in Development, Special Projects and through management of Immerse, the in-church contextualized theologically grounded leadership education program offering a Master of Arts in Biblical Leadership and a Master of Divinity through Northwest Seminary.  As part of her portfolio, Krista works with churches to coach…
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