Practical Steps On How To Love Our Neighbours Well with Shannan Martin

Join us this week for an episode all about LOVE: practical steps on how to live with and love our neighbours well (say hello, take a walk, acknowledge our blind spots, engage in honest self-reflection, listen and slow down, be intentional, invite people over, navigate our differences, be committed to tenderness, reexamine our long…
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Make Room For Wonder

If you could be part of that very first Christmas, where would you be? Would it be at the Annunciation? Astounded by Gabriel’s announcement to Mary? Would you want to dance in the amazement of Elizabeth? As the infant-prophet did somersaults in her womb? Would you marvel with Zacharias As…
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Being Known

By Tryphena Perumalla-Gagnon Women’s Panel Contributor In this most recent episode of See Hear Love, the women’s panel sat down to discuss what it means to be truly known, in today’s day and age. The consensus was that for us to feel known, is to be able to be emotionally…
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The True JOY of Jesus

From our Men’s Panel Co-Host Matt Vincent “Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.” Wendell Berry – American Poet & Cultural Critic I’ve been trying to incorporate silence & solitude into my daily spiritual practice. To be completely honest, I find it really difficult to sit alone in…
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In Pursuit of Peace

From our Women’s Panel Contributor Esther Lysakovsky For many of us right now, peace seems elusive. The foundations we thought were firm and unbending have shifted. We’ve all had to reimagine the everyday parts of life, like work, school, and social life. Many have also experienced loss, sickness and grief. We’ve…
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Hope Walks Alongside

From our Ask The Experts Contributor Debra Fileta With heads hanging low, tearful eyes looking towards the ground, they walked the dark road of despair. Quietly discussing the events of the past few days, the deep feelings of confusion and disappointment combined in the depths of their souls. They had believed…
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