If you could be part of that very first Christmas, where would you be?

Would it be at the Annunciation?
Astounded by Gabriel’s announcement to Mary?

Would you want to dance in the amazement of Elizabeth?
As the infant-prophet did somersaults in her womb?

Would you marvel with Zacharias
As he received this bewildering news
Too good to be true,
Struck speechless for months?

Well, I know exactly where I would want to be this year.

By the manger, gazing at this King Babe,
overwhelmed with wonder,
So that the only fitting response
Is to fall down in worship and wonder.


Propelling me to holiness and love.

So the question becomes,

What needs to leave to make room for wonder?

What will you leave to make room for wonder?
Anger? Regret? Shame?
Your fear, familiarity or facade?

What will you leave to make room for wonder,
the wonder of the manger this year?

Copyright Marianne Shehata 2022

Marianne Shehata is an author and educator who cares deeply about social justice, empowering
women and spiritual direction. She is the co-editor of SISTA Soul Food: Delightful Recipes and
Recollections, and a contributing author to Christmas with Hot Apple Cider. In her spare time she can
be found entertaining family and friends, exploring new adventures and celebrating beauty in the
ordinary and extraordinary.