Many of our churches, families, neighbourhoods, schools and even our nations .. are struggling with cultural diversity. How do we take the first step to be inclusive ? Why are we still confronted with blatant racism, prejudice, and stereo-types? What can WE do to stop the hate/dislike in our own hearts and minds?

Well, today on #MotivationalMonday our guest, Dr. Tim Tang, shares his thoughts on HOW we must change our thinking and behaviour to those that seem ‘different’ than us? It’s work. It’s choice. It’s the way of Christ.

Tim shares an ‘AHA’ moment with us later in the show .. that will blow your mind!

So, join Host Melinda Estabrooks and Co-Hosts; Cheryl Nembhard and Joanna la Fleur as we chat about this very important issue right here on See Hear Love!