Welcome to our very first show on SEE HEAR LOVE and the launch of our online destination. A place where you will be inspired, resourced and equipped for your everyday life.

What a perfect day to launch our new show and our website – – on International Women’s Day!

Join us – Melinda Estabrooks and her wonderful co-hosts and bloggers – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around this kitchen table to share with you our thoughts on faith, community, life, love and relationships.

We’ll be sharing our own stories, our favourite things and essentially our lives with you. Why? Because as we’ve shared our stories on big stages, at schools, at churches, at teen events, at women’s conferences and – – yes, even some of us on TV – – we’ve seen women and men respond to our authenticity and have told us time and time again “we now know that we are not alone that we are actually more the same than we are different and that by sharing your stories, you have given us the courage to share ours.”

So that being said, here we are in Studio C, at the Crossroads Centre, just outside of Toronto, Canada with new girlfriends, ready for the journey of a lifetime ahead for us.

So, in this first episode of SEE HEAR LOVE, please meet Host Melinda Estabrooks and her amazing co-hosts and bloggers – – so diverse in so many ways – – who we know will bring great/spicy conversation, as we learn and grow together. Learn why Cheryl Nembhard, Joanna la Fleur, Kimberley Mitchell (Just a Canadian Girl in Nashville) and Abby Paterson, joined Melinda and team on this journey together. What was it about doing a Christian women’s web show that made them say “YES” to this adventure.

Also in this episode, learn who the SEE HEAR LOVE hosts picked as their first “Women Crush Wednesday” inspirational woman.

Please remember that we want the discussions and conversation to continue after the show. Please comment and share your thoughts and dreams below!