Joanna is a native of Toronto’s suburbs and has also spent various stints in countries all over the world including a few years in Romania for her parents’ work and business school in France. Her main goal is to keep the number of countries she’s visited higher than her age (and she’s been to 35+ countries so she’s good for a few more years…).

When not planning her next trip, she is falling more and more in love with the neighbourhoods of Toronto and drinking all the coffee. She lives in a tiny condo where she enjoys practicing minimalism in order to fit everything into her downtown space, while also driving a Mini Cooper to keep all things mini and embrace a bit of a European style of living.

After completing an undergrad in Communications and Business, Joanna began her career in the world high tech marketing and PR, before learning that she didn’t care so much for the “big black boxes” she was selling. She began to make some shifts towards using her skill set for church communications- something she continues to be passionate about and now works in full time. Recently she finished her Masters in Theology at University of Toronto, with a thesis focus in how to use the latest digital communication tools for evangelism and discipleship. She believes that the Church has the most important message in the world, so she’s trying to help churches be the best communicators in the world. For Joanna, the primary focus of this work is as Creative Communications Director at C4 Church, a multi-site church in the eastern suburbs of Toronto.

Joanna brings authenticity, passion, and intelligence to the work of communicating things that matter. Whether in speaking, writing, or Instagram, she uses every platform as an opportunity to invite more people into meaningful conversations with just enough cheekiness to put audiences at ease.

She is a proud aunt to 11 nieces and nephews, a Board Member with InterServe Canada, a delegate of Canada’s Millennial Think Tank, and an advisor to the Institute of Evangelism at Wycliffe College. At a party, you’ll find her close to the guacamole and people who smile.

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