Happy Friday, Y’all!

So, I thought I would jot down my thoughts this week because, let’s be real, you could use a break from my video ramblings. 😉

I’ve been pondering our “living bold” theme quite a bit this week. Sometimes I think I’ve got it all figured out and then the next moment I realize I totally don’t. What is living a bold life? What does it look like? Am I even doing it right? You guys – I feel like the boldest thing I’ve done lately in my life is that I’ve stopped wearing foundation. Haha. I know that is lame, but for a gal that has covered up her skin that she has not loved for 25 years – letting that foundation go – has been a little bold. It’s such a girl thing, but can I just tell you – it’s been so freeing for me!

Okay – so I know that’s not really LIVING bold, but I think boldness comes in all kinds of sizes and ways. I believe that living out a bold life will look different in various seasons of our lifetime. Perhaps your bold life right now looks massive and brave – maybe it includes a big move, or a new job, or speaking out for justice, or maybe it doesn’t… Perhaps your living bold is learning to say ‘no’ – even to the good stuff so you can be home for your family. Maybe it looks simple to you – but it’s equally as brave.

Here’s what I think (and you guys know I’m just pretty simple, right?!): Bold living is living a life of purpose and meaning. It doesn’t necessarily come with grand titles and it may not always look like success, but it is living out truth and being who YOU are. Boldness looks different to me these days. I used to think it was about being loud and brash and ‘in your face’ kind of thing. But I don’t see it that way anymore. You know what my boldness looks like right now? Saying no to most everything – even the good things – so I can hug a bunch of teenagers that walk through my door everyday. It is slapping on lipstick and looking my best for my husband every day. It is being there for them. It is boldly loving them.

And don’t you just think that’s where it’s at anyway? A bold life is a loving life. I just can’t get that out of my gut. Think about how Jesus so boldly and outrageously loves us! And, if we are to ‘be like Him’ – shouldn’t we be doing the same? We ALL have purpose and meaning. God has given each of us gifts and talents – He just has! But most of all – He has given us HIS love so we can love. Your living-love-bold life might just be the thing that keeps the cashier at Walmart feeling like someone cares. Your living-love-bold life might just be the thing that reminds the teenager who is lost that they are valuable. Your living-love-bold life might just be the thing that keeps a tired husband encouraged every day. Your living-love-bold life might just be the light that fills a dark room, the healing that covers a broken heart, the truth that might just change a life. Your living-love-bold life matters.

And do you know how we do this living-love-bold life? With Jesus. The father that has promised to walk the journey right there beside us. The father that holds our hearts so tenderly and closely. The father that has shown us how to live-love-bold…because it’s exactly how He loves us.

Also – not wearing foundation anymore is bold, too. Just sayin’….