Lighting? Check. Mic? Check. Makeup? Check. Flyaways tamed? Check. And so begins this new venture of See Hear Love, from the Ground Up! We all had such a fun time working out all the ‘kinks’ of our first filming day. Although…I do think we’re all a bit grateful to now have most of those figured out so the next time around we can do more of the actual filming.

Once we were all positioned and mic’d up, our job was to hang out and chat. Wait a sec…really? Just hang out and chat? Okay ladies…we got this.

And so we began ‘the show’. A live taping of us building our relationships from the ground up, talking about heart issues, encouraging each other, and learning from YOU – our viewers. What an honour it is to be a part of this. The first faith-based Women’s Web show connecting Women from across the globe to join with us in conversation.

Due to scheduling conflicts, our original launch day got pushed back a week…to TODAY! International Women’s Day!!! Clearly this was meant to be. On this Women’s day, it seems appropriate to begin with our first show highlighting one of our #WCW (Women’s Crush Wednesday) picks.

We are SO looking forward to this journey with you. Thanks for coming along for the ride!