This week on See Hear Love, we are celebrating Father’s Day. For many, this is a chance to celebrate dads and husbands and stepdads. For others, it’s a painful time, reminding them that they might not have had a good father on this earth. While the world celebrates our earthly fathers (and at See Hear Love, we celebrate good dads too!) we also need to remember our heavenly Father, who made us, loves us, and will serve as our protector.

We focus on this beautiful verse in Isaiah 64:8:

And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.

We are the clay, and you are the potter.

We all are formed by your hand.

This passage reminds us that God is an artist, who makes us each into a vessel to serve a particular purpose. Some of us are ornamental and bring joy to others through creative endeavours. Some of us are practical cups, quenching the thirst of those around us. Some are bowls, providing nourishment and sustenance to everyone we meet.  We all have beauty and purpose and were made with love by God’s hands.

On earth, some of us will stumble. Once off the potter’s wheel, we will crack. But we are still God’s masterpiece and he will use those cracks for our betterment. As Leonard Cohen beautifully wrote: “There is a crack in everything … That’s how the light gets in.”

God does not leave us broken. Over time, he mends us and heal us, leaving us stronger than before. He is the Good Father. Never, does he abandon his creation.

If you have a wonderful Father, thank him for how he helps you see the beautiful qualities of God. Thank him for giving you life, and for his love and protection.

If this week has been hard for you, focus on your heavenly Father. Think of the gifts He’s given you, His purpose for you, and see how He has worked to mend you. If you feel broken, look for evidence of His mending. Look for evidence of how those cracks can serve a purpose, letting the love and light seep in.   

We wish you a happy Father’s Day week.