A Cause To Live For

David Kinnaman’s recent book (Faith for Exiles) provokes and challenges us to understand and confront what’s going wrong and right when it comes to Christianity and the emerging generation of millennials. It’s not an easy topic, but it’s such a fundamental one to be discussed and addressed in our days.…
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Such A Time As This

“64% of young adults are leaving the church”  It’s difficult to not have these words continue to swirl around in my mind, after hearing David Kinnaman share the latest stats to come out of the Barna research group. At the risk of sounding sensational, this is a staggering statistic.  It’s…
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What Love Truly Is

The Bible tells us to do everything in love. (1 Corinthians 16:13) But what does that even mean? Our culture has so many connotations and feelings attached around those words. We see love demonstrated in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know what love truly is because Jesus showed it…
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