Mentorship has meant a lot to me. It is a safe place when I need help working through my own thoughts. It’s a bank of wisdom I can go to when I’m confused about what’s right and wrong. It is what I earnestly seek in order to help find direction for my future.

I have had incredible mentors in my life – some naturally surfaced, others I sought out. All of them—people that I admire & respect. I have been fortunate enough to be raised by a village of such women—strong, Godly, successful women. A few years back, I learned that life wasn’t just an easy ride. There were things I questioned & wisdom I craved. I found myself naturally asking those older and wiser than me for helping navigating the overwhelming waters. As soon as I faced my fear of feeling silly for asking questions, I learned that people were so open to hearing me out, and rather than judging me, were actually honoured to help guide me through.


Life is big – there are struggles and opportunities, painful times and celebratory times, time of harsh learning and times of smooth sailing. A lot of us millennials aspire to be ‘larger’ than we are in terms of our impact, our success, our network or even just our minds. This doesn’t happen on our own. This happens by being around others with bigger impacts, more success, broader networks and greater wisdom.

Look to such people and involve yourself in their world where there is opportunity too. If you desire more personal coaching and mentorship, as Joanna said, ask them for a coffee, tell them what you hope to chat about and book a time. Chances are they didn’t get where they are on their own either and would be happy to pay it forward.


You may not actually know that you are exactly that, a mentor. Chances are, however, you are influencing quite a few of the next generation. There is a place for you and a desire from us to hear what you have walked through. Many of us millennials do want to learn more, be spoken into and called out on things that may harm us if we don’t fix. We may squirm a bit because of personal conviction or the idea of change, but we do hear you and ponder deeply your wisdom.

I encourage you to trust us with your story when you feel it’s needed. I guarantee you that our hope and resolve will grow stronger once we know that you, someone we admire, has weathered the storm.Thank you for your time, energy, networks and prayers. From someone who has received such support and now has the opportunity to be the same for others, I realize how valuable all that you have given is.