Picking a favourite See Hear Love show is no small task – let me tell you! Every show has its wealth of inspiration and hope and fun and goodness. I have spent some time re-playing so many of our past shows and have been re-inspired and moved deeply by each of them. But…I did pick one. And the one I chose truly touches my heart. It is the story of Nadine and Randy Mitchell and what life is like raising their awesome son, Caleb…who has Autism. I know Nadine and Randy. They are the real deal. They are wonderful and fun and honest and beautiful and their open hearts shine immensely. Autism and its challenges might not be part of your story. But I dare say we have all experienced times and situations in life where the plan WE had was not exactly the one GOD had. And when our world is going in a different direction than we planned – what do we do? Randy and Nadine answer this question beautifully. A reminder that I needed…and maybe you do, too. Listen again to the wisdom and strength of my friends in my favorite SHL episode of 2017 – *Reframing Your Life and Dreams*…. TO WATCH THE FULL SHOW, GO HERE: https://youtu.be/uoRzKkXoG6Q