To Be Known

To Be Known What an eye opening week it has been on the topic of Autism and children with special needs. I used to provide respite for my friend’s little guy with special needs, and I remember how the smallest improvements and accomplishments, became the biggest causes for celebration. It…
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An Advocate’s Dream

An Advocate’s Dream My name is Jam Gamble and I’ve been a proud advocate for 17 years and an even prouder educator for 6 years. My career primarily revolves around promoting disability awareness. At first, I wasn’t as outspoken and passionate about promoting Autism awareness but as a grew in…
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A Voice For Autism

A Voice for Autism For children and adults with autism, advocating for themselves can be a huge obstacle; particularly for those who are non-verbal. They are a vulnerable sector of our community that need advocacy  from others who come along side them to see resources and education developed for the…
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