A HUGE Welcome to Karra Overholt & Kassandra Matthews, two incredible Millennial Women Leading in our Churches today! We snagged these two beauties as our Guest Hosts, and we’re so glad we did!

Together with our beautiful Joanna La Fleur, these ladies give us some new insight. It is refreshing to see their zeal for being a part of the body of Christ as staff at their churches.

Being a Millennial woman in leadership at church hasn’t always been well accepted. I think it’s safe to say though, that times are changing. As Kassandra mentions, she gets to be surrounded by incredible women in ministry and thanks her denomination, The United Church of Canada, for helping to pave the way and break some of those barriers.

Karra is an amazing Millennial woman that has been raised in the church. She has made the decision to make ministry her vocation as a direct result from seeing life transformed.

I have to be real with you – talking to & learning from these women of God did something for me. Their excitement got me excited. Their passion for souls & lives transformed made me want to make a difference too. I am so grateful for women like them who use their skills & giftings to build the house from the inside. Our generation needs more of them. Thank you ladies for all you do!