It’s amazing how much of our life we spend scurrying about, swayed by the events of the day, the demands of work, and pleasing the expectations of other people.

We can get to the end of a day, a week, a month, a year, or tragically- a lifetime, and wonder why so many of the things we wanted to do or said were important didn’t actually happen.

On today’s show we were getting real about life balance and priorities. Where we struggle to focus on our health or finances or people that matter most or time with God. The basic conclusion is: we all struggle with this to one degree or another.

I’ve found increasing success in this area of the priorities in my life through a few simple tricks and tools I wanted to share with you today. Here’s how you can make your priorities an actual priority.

  1. Consider how you are currently spending your time. If you don’t know exactly (and many of us don’t), you can even get an app on your phone or computer that tells you how much time you actually use social media or browsing the internet or on emails. Keep a log for a week to see where your time goes. Get honest.
  2. Next, assess how satisfied you are with this. What areas are reflecting your priorities? What areas are a total distraction from what matters to you?
  3. Set new priorities. What is the most important thing in my life right now? Where would I want to spend more time? Where would I want to spend less time? What areas need my attention now (e.g., school, work, talent, health, relationship)? Write down your activities in the order that feels most important to you. This is your new list of priorities.
  4. Final step is simply putting your priorities on the calendar. Is health a priority? Block 30 minutes 3 times a week for moving off the couch. Block out meal planning and grocery shopping into your schedule. Is that new business you dream of starting a priority? Put dedicated time for it on the calendar each month or it won’t happen. Do you want to see your partner more? Schedule time for a date or a conversation or sex. See? Making your priorities actual priorities can be sexy!

Of course what we need to prioritize and what matters most changes from season to season. Sometimes work takes a bigger role and sometimes family is most important at a certain time in your kids development. So you should also add a time to reassess your priorities to your calendar each year so that your priorities continue to be the thing you prioritize as they change.

Grace and peace to you as you prioritize what matters and let the rest fall away.