Millennials are a motivated, passionate, and networked generation. Too often they are criticized by a reductionist version of who they really are as a demographic.

I just got off a video call with a group of amazing millennials who are strategizing and planning to impact the world through digital technology. I had the privilege of hearing their ideas for social innovation, community outreach, creative initiative, and projects that are leveraging art and technology for the good of others. I was one of the facilitators of the call, trying to help coach and move forward their ideas to the next level.

Despite many coming of age in a time where the economy is against them in terms of finding permanent work and affordable housing, many are leveraging what they have experienced to be a voice for others who are struggling and starting their own businesses. In particular, I am excited to see how a generation that is defined by having grown up as “digital natives”, with Internet in their homes from a very early age, are using this skill set in a way that was never possible in generations before them.

The Church has the best news in the world, so we as Christians should be the best communicators of that message, using every means available to us. Millennials are showing us how through the digital space. They are connecting. They are mobilizing. They are speaking up for causes that matter to them. They are raising millions of dollars in advocacy work. They are showing the love of Christ, even on the internet.

On this video call with me was a group of millennials who were working on an app for their campus to battle the mental health crisis. They are trying to be a bridge between those who need more than what their friends can do to support them, but maybe aren’t ready yet or can’t afford professional counseling. This would be a live chat with professional counsellors available to them via the app for immediate help. Another person on the call was a visual artist, bringing people out of the digital world and into real life experiences of painting and creating at her workshops as a way to express themselves and connect into a meaningful community. She was looking to build her networks through digital marketing. And finally another was leading an online clothing company that was selling clothing with a message of hope, and funds going to a worthy cause.

Millennials are our upcoming leaders. They don’t need your criticism, they need your mentorship. They need your prayer. They need your help to have opportunities to succeed in a world that is quickly changing and becoming more challenging to navigate a multitude of choices.

Stop right now and pray for the millennials in your own life. And maybe even send one an encouraging text 🙂