In this life, I don’t know that there is much worse than losing your child.

Whatever the circumstances may be, nothing can really prepare you and every parent would rather take their child’s place. And yet, our good God, allows for these heart-wrenching, gutting moments to touch our lives and the deepest parts of soul.

I don’t know that anyone who has to endure this dark valley really knows the reason why God allows this crushing pain. I do know that those who focus on God … find strength, hope and life.

Katie Brown is one such mother.

After our taping, Katie and I had a moment together and we talked about grief and, in Katie’s own journey, the power of processing through it. When a loved one dies, there is a gaping hole in our hearts and lives and the grief is overwhelming—so much so that many would rather put the grief in a box and move on with life.

There’s a lie sold by the Enemy that grief will crush and cripple us and so “moving on” sounds like the best thing to do. However, Katie’s testimony of processing and moving through the grief as a part of her journey in life reminds us that there is always hope in God.

On the show, Katie reminds us that everyone is going to die. Everyone is going to lose a loved one and no one is exempt from grief. How then, can we have hope? Katie shares from Psalm 139 where the Psalmist declares that the darkness is not dark to God (v. 12).

Jesus is our hope. He is the Light of World. He is the Resurrection and the Life. For those who are going through grief today, may the He who is Life be your strength, comfort and hope.