Live a full life, not a frantic life

I wish I could claim these brilliant words as my own!  However they were spoken to me my incredible spiritual director.  To be honest, I’m not even sure why this phrase came up.  But it has stuck with me ever since.  


Living a full life is Biblical. John 10:10b says “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  So what goes wrong?  I think the first part of this passage gives us a hint.  Just prior to Jesus’ promise, in John 10:10a it says “The thief comes to steal and destroy.”  


I’m no theologian but what I’m gathering here is that our enemy knows how amazing and powerful a full life given by Jesus is.  And it terrifies him.  So he does everything in his power to steal and destroy any opportunity we have to experience that fullness.  And I think one way this is done is through making “frantic” look appealing.  



We live in a culture where more is better.  Where more equals success.  And before we know it, we have lost sight of why we do what we do, and often even who we really are.  And I’m pretty sure that’s not what Jesus had in mind when her offered a full life. 


So what do we do about it?  


I think the choice to take Jesus’ offer of full life can be challenging because it is so counter-culture.  Instead of doing more, full life in Jesus is found is less.  Way less!  It’s found in stillness.  It’s found in space.  


Emily P. Freeman, one of my favourite authors says “Busy is default.  Margin takes intention.”  Margin doesn’t need to be something big like a vacation.  It can be a daily posture of rest and space.  Something you can do on your commute.  While you wash dishes.  


So my challenge to you is how can you find a way to give yourself a tiny bit of space, away from the frantic, to start to experience that full life Jesus wants you to have?  


Be kind to yourself, but you can do it!


Freeman, Emily P. “The Next Right Thing” (Podcast, Episode: 87). 


I hope this is ok.  I welcome feedback.  I’ll have the other to you by the end of the weekend.





Lyndsay Thompson is a Registered Psychotherapist (Q) and a marathon runner.