Do you remember your first dance? Looking back on that moment, do you recall how it felt to dance with your partner that first time?

For me, that moment overwhelmed me with a sense of vulnerability, intimacy, and loss of control. Being so close to someone, for a three-minute song that felt like eternity, brought me into a space I’d never experienced before.

When I encountered God, those same emotions—the vulnerability, intimacy, loss of control—brought me a sense of belonging.

Let me explain.

Have you ever felt or been told you don’t fit in? Feels horrible, doesn’t it?

Dancing with someone for the first time puts you on edge. You don’t know if you can keep up or if they’ll be a better dancer, or you worry the worst may happen and you’ll step on their feet (oh gosh, been there). It’s really not an enjoyable experience until you bond with that person.

At the time God and I danced, I was wrapped up in myself. I was selfish, conceited; I really didn’t care about anyone other than myself. However, God took me into His arms, and with His love and grace allowed me to embrace and follow Him in the greatest love chorus of all.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Belonging is more than just feeling like you fit in. It’s an understanding of being securely held in a specific place and being loved unconditionally. A true sense of belonging gives you confidence in your own purpose, identity, and worth.

The dance had begun, and I didn’t ever want to let go, nor did He. How could this be? I was a rotten dancer. Little did I know, He wanted no contribution from me. He was going to carry me all the way, until the end.

This is the part we have trouble with. How can God love us or even want to embrace us? Isn’t He going to let go when we mess up, when we step on His feet? Or worse, what happens when the love song is over?

He promises—let me repeat that—HE promises He will never leave you or abandon you.

And this sense of belonging to an eternal God changed not only my perspective and my actions—it changed everything.

What God has for you and I through His Son Jesus Christ is the completion of our broken side of this love story.

When we recognize we belong to Him, and He will never let go, a deep sense of motivation comes upon us. I don’t want to dance with another. But this is not a dance between just two. It’s a dance for all.

Peter Marshall is the President of The Gideons International in Canada and ShareWord Global.