So Many Questions

I was so grateful to have Kelly on this show to discuss such a significant issue like cyber sex trafficking. Ugh. Makes me sick to my stomach. But then immediately I begin asking questions about the alarming stats for Canada being one of the top 3 users of this type of online sex product. I have so many questions.

What is it about Canadian law that makes this easier in Canada than elsewhere? Why is this something that Canadians particularly buy into? It doesn’t seem to be an economic or technology question since other equally wealthy nations aren’t as consistently so high on the list. What is broken about the way men (and some women) believe about themselves and the world that they would participate in this? How can we help these customers break this horrific habit and cycle of brokenness? What can the Canadian Church do? What is the Canadian Church doing? What are lawmakers and internet service providers doing to help? How can schools help? How can parents and spouses help?….

May we be moved to knowledge and action, not just emotion, in our response to this. May we find compassion for the oppressed and the oppressors. The victims and the customers. May we be part of healing and raising up men (and women) who know their identity in Christ as dearly loved, and therefore the value of others made in the image of God. May the Church arise to bring justice and healing in Jesus’ name.