For the past month, See Hear Love has had our new, inspiring and courageous Podcast series called “I Need Help with My Mental Health.”

Our Host Melinda Estabrooks has been listening and interviewing special guests as they share their real struggles, brave stories and expert advice—to HELP YOU and those you love who may be struggling… with anxiety, burnout, depression, OCD, stress, panic attacks, believing lies about themselves, never resting, over functioning, never emotionally present… to CHOOSE health, honesty, openness, change, freedom, spiritual disciplines, rest, expert wisdom and courage!

It’s such a timely series and we hope you’ve been able to listen, learn, and be encouraged by each conversation.

Our hope is that TOGETHER—by raising awareness and shedding light on mental health—we can help end the stigma and move forward to healing and recovery.

Listen here on SoundcloudSpotify Canada, or Apple Podcasts, or watch here on our YouTube channel.

See Hear Love Blogs on Mental Health

RESET: Changing the Lies we Believe
By Dr. Merry Lin

Just be WITH me
By Colleen Blake Miller

The Road is Not Always Easy
By Carla Arges

The Struggle is Real
By Lisa Pak

Additional Mental Health Resources

If you or some you know is in need of immediate help, go to your local hospital or contact a crisis centre in your area. is a resource for youth and children to call, text, or live chat with a counsellor. It’s anonymous and confidential visit this site to find a nearby mental health centre. visit this site to find support if you are in a crisis. They have a phone number available 24/7

You can also call Crossroads Prayer Centre at 866-273-4444 if you need prayer. There are prayer partners available 24/7 to take your call.

Learn how to support family and friends with the resources available on

Become certified to provide mental health first aid here: