With an unconventional approach to life, Jam Gamble’s journey has been filled with reroutes, unexpected opportunities and big risks. Jahmeelah is living proof that formal training is not always necessary.

Stumbling into her passion, she began her career in education and advocacy as a teenager working for a special needs summer camp. A story unlike many others in her field, she (nor anyone close to her) has had a disability, yet she still found herself at home as a leader and influencer doing her part  to create awareness about disability issues.

Today, she makes her mark by day as an educator and by evening she is a community advocate encouraging others to live without borders.
Bridging the gap between generations, races, genders and abilities, we live in a time where compassion, connection and truth is necessary.

Using her platform and a microphone, Jahmeelah amplifies the voices of those struggling and who are seeking the permission to speak up and speak out.