Allicia Bankuti lives in Westport, Ontario and has been serving with a ministry called Ellel Ministries
Canada for nine years. After walking a journey of healing and restoration in her own life for several
years, Allicia realized she was dissatisfied with what the world had to offer and gave up her dream of
being an advertising professional to pursue God full time in ministry. Allicia has traveled the world
speaking to groups of adults and youths in several nations including the USA, Malaysia, the UK, and in
multiple locations across Canada. Allicia’s heart is to see people of all ages passionately run after God
and to see His love and healing reach a broken world. Through the use of humor and her own life
testimony Allicia brings a dynamic presence in her teaching, while her adamant heart to see God’s
children set free welcomes the Holy Spirit to move. When she isn’t teaching or ministering, Allicia can be
found watching cheesy Hallmark films (seriously, the cheesier the better), photographing weddings or
travelling somewhere on an adventure.