Today on the show we talked about Fiercehearted women with guest and author Holley Gerth.

All of us are born with this little fire within us, a spark of fierceness and strength that needs to be fanned into flames. Yet often life experiences from our earliest days tries to stop this spark from building into the raging fire we should become. This fierceness can be recaptured and turned into a roar.

For women, fierceheartedness is about a strength and determination in the midst of all kinds of circumstances. Loyalty. Steadfastness. Meekness. Faithfulness. Forgiveness. Courage. Love.

The world needs more fiercehearted women who will do hard, holy things.

It doesn’t need to be a masculine kind of fierceness, but can be its own beautiful and feminine version of a lionheart. We need to remember our roar.

So, how do we remember our roar? How do we get it back? Sometimes, all it takes is to be reminded of it. A simple encouragement can be oxygen to the little spark of fierceness in our hearts, so let me leave you with a few words of it today that are tweetable thoughts too from one of my favourite instagrams “@SheTheRoar”!

The 10 Rules of Roar:

  1. Girls with roar don’t just turn heads, but turn hearts towards Jesus
  2. Girls with roar know that another woman’s beauty is not the absence of their own
  3. Girls with roar have a permanent, unshakable identity: God’s Beloved
  4. Girls with roar move mountains with their prayers
  5. Girls with roar believe in relationship rather than religion
  6. Girls with roar laugh without fear of the future
  7. Girls with roar don’t compete with men, but complement men
  8. Girls with roar don’t spectate, but are present in all that they commit to
  9. Girls with roar focus on the eternal, rather than the external
  10. Girls with roar speak life