To Be Known

What an eye opening week it has been on the topic of Autism and children with special needs. I used to provide respite for my friend’s little guy with special needs, and I remember how the smallest improvements and accomplishments, became the biggest causes for celebration. It really opened my eyes to see the value of life in itself with how much joy this boy brings to everyone, and also the miraculous workings of our body & brain.

I think this week on See, Hear, Love reminded me how important it is get out of our own perspectives every now and then. You never know what the next person is dealing with…<this is me talking to myself> so get over yourself and figure out how you can make someone else’s day a bit better. Harsh but I need it.

Today for flashbacks, I shared a photo of my girls and I from Seeking Grace. I took a blind leap of faith when Kailey-Michelle announced she was starting a women’s group. I knew none of these girls. We entered into Jennie Allen’s study, Stuck, together and within one week these girls saw how truly lost I was without even knowing it.

We went through many different studies in just under the two years we met together. This photo is from our last evening together before I moved away to Victoria, BC. I can say confidently that I would not be where I am today if it were not for these ladies, their support, their prayers, and their encouragement. They held me as I walked through the messiest time in my life & helped me navigate waters that threatened to drown me. At the same time, they shared their messiness with me and gave me opportunities to get my focus off myself. That, in my opinion, is one of the quickest ways to get over your ‘stuff’.

Now, I live on the other side of the country from them, and although we stay in touch, I long for relationships like this again. In fact, I am in such desperate need of connecting this way that I’ve decided to start my own women’s group next week!

I get what it’s like to feel lonely. I have been here in Ontario for almost 8 months and on occasion, I have emotional breakdowns longing for the people who know me. Part of the reason I am a part of See, Hear, Love, is to hopefully provide a connecting point for others who might feel lonely. You have sisters here. We get messy, we get yucky…hey – we even get when things are great and you need to celebrate (any opportunity to pop the champagne)! Please engage with us. Write us. Find us on Facebook and send us messages there – even Snapchat us!

If you are blessed to have women like this in your life who know you. Please brag on them. Post your photo & tag @SeeHearLove and #FlashbackFriday.