When asked what See Hear Love means in her context of work, Guest Host Marcia Shelton responded this way:

See through a lens that is not bias, through eyes of Christ – imago dei, that we have to recognize brokenness but also see hope, hear truth, but just our own conclusions – Hear the voice of pain and fear and hurt – needs to encompass listening. When you See, Hear things that are painful, you need to draw from Love that Christ puts in our heart to do that the work that we do. Loving people back to life and hope. Loving enough to see and hear without judgement and exercising righteous judgement (to be able to discern what needs to be done, advocacy etc). single parents etc.

This is what today’s show is all about … Loving People (in crisis) back to Life! Serving them, being with them, loving them … it’s the way that Jesus loved his disciples, his friends, his family, the outcasts, the lonely, women and children, those on the margins, those with no voice.

Join Host, Melinda Estabrooks and Co-Hosts Cheryl and Joanna along with Guest Host, Marcia Shelton from YSM, as we dig deep and share what’s on our hearts today. #SeeHearLove #FamiliesInCrisis #WeLoveBecauseHeFirstLovedUs