This week on See Hear Love, we conclude our series, ‘Our Present Suffering & What It Means To Be A Resurrection People.’ 

In Part 1, we focused on Jesus’s suffering and how our suffering identifies us as children of God and that we are more like Christ in our moments of suffering than we realize.

In Part 2, our panel of pastors (Elle Pyke, Chris Chase, Kaarina Hsieh and Jenn Burnett) focus on Jesus’s resurrection and what it means to be a Resurrection People, a Resurrection Community in:

  • Our church
  • Our Leadership
  • In the marketplace and in our jobs
  • In our everyday decisions
  • As we confront injustice, inequality and racism

They also answer the question: “What is your encouragement to those that are struggling with believing and understanding the Easter story, Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

A powerful Holy Week and Easter Season Series and a much needed conversation today!