Who is Jesus? Do you know him?

During our last show, I shared with the team ‘who Jesus is.’

He is described in the Bible, and we who know him personally, have experienced:

He is friend, brother, saviour, king, servant, teacher, the light and truth and way, the Word made flesh and blood, fully human and fully God, Son of Man and Son of God, Alpha and Omega, lion and lamb, our advocate, our authority, the bread of life, the bridegroom, cornerstone, deliverer, faithful and true, our good shepherd, our great high priest, the head of the church, I AM, Emmanuel, God with Us, the indescribable gift, our judge, our mediator, Messiah, anointed one, the mighty one, the one who sets free, our hope, our peace, prophet, redeemer, risen Lord, the rock, our sacrifice, the creator, the resurrection and the life, the door, the way, the victorious one, wonderful counsellor, mighty god, everlasting father, prince of peace.

He alone is worthy! Do you know him?

Invite Jesus into your life today. You just need to simply ask and say something like, “Jesus, if you really are all these things, I invite you into my life now. Show me who you are, lead me, and help me. Amen!”