The Joy in Leaping

If I could sum up my walk with God in a descriptive sentence, it would be this:  “In a crowd of faith filled skydivers, standing on top of a cliff, an exuberant base jumper takes off for an extreme dive with a bungee cord shouting “All things are possible! God’s got this!”

Freedom that comes in trusting GodLolol, yep that’s me….screaming bungee jumping believer…at your service!  I’ve always been a ‘leap first, figure it out on the way down’ type of person.  It drives my husband bonkers, lol.  He’s more of a ‘let’s double check the wind velocity, scale height and all contingency plans…and then let’s pray one more time’ type of person.  Clearly, we are perfect for each other,lol.

Just over a year and a half ago, I made a leap that led me to this wonderful and exciting path.  I was asked to be one of the keynote speakers at a women’s gathering called “She Speaks”. What a powerful time of sharing we had.  It was there that I formally met the dynamo known as Melinda Estabrooks.  What she didn’t know is that I had been admiring her from a distance & what I didn’t know was that she was doing the same.  From that moment to now, it has been an amazing friendship & sisterhood in bloom.

When I received the phone call to join Melinda on this journey, I knew in my spirit that it was time to leap into this next chapter of my life. I only had one request, that our show be authentic & transparent in both its topics and its dialogue.  It was important to me that, we as women, talk about the real issues that affect us without sugar coating.  It turns out authentic conversations is Melinda’s middle name. 🙂

And so we begin this journey of growing and learning together. I look forward to sharing my heart, my life and my thoughts with you all.  I am most passionate about deep meaningful discussions, mentoring at risk youth and the Arts.  I adore vanilla bean lattes with almond milk, bright colours and my new found sisters Joanna, Abby, Kim & Melinda.  I am both honoured and humbled to join such a unique and powerful group of women who love God and love people with their whole hearts.

It’s our prayer that you would be encouraged, inspired and challenged along the way to live a fuller, richer, more authentic life.  We look forward to sharing our bloopers and behind the scenes takes as well so you can laugh right along with us….did I mention that I love to laugh?

So, as the cameras start to roll and we get the swing of things, we invite you to leap with us…God’s got this! 🙂