Here are 5 ways YOU can make Easter Extra Special This Year:

  1. With Kids

Did any of you grow up with “Resurrection Eggs”? Here’s a link to them on Amazon if you want to see what they look like or buy them for your kids. Each of the 12 colorful eggs open up and inside there is an object that symbolizes something from the Easter story. There’s a book you can read along with it if you like, and each kid around the table can be responsible for opening up a few of the eggs when it’s that moment in the story. My favourite was always the very last egg. When you open it up, it’s empty! For Jesus is no longer in the grave- he is risen! It’s a memorable and fun way to engage kids in the Good News of Jesus.

  1. In Church

Want to make Church more meaningful this Easter? Invite someone unchurched to come with you and see it through their eyes. Particularly, if you know someone who is a new Canadian, from a country who may not celebrate Easter at all, they might be quite interested in coming as a “cultural experience”, but will also get to experience the presence of God, the truth of Jesus resurrected, and the love of the church community. It will help you hear the story all over again with fresh ears and eyes.

  1. Out There

Get out there and connect with your neighbours! For years in my old neighbourhood there was an Easter parade on the Saturday of Easter weekend. We’d invite some church friends to help us put on a free pancake and coffee breakfast for all the neighbours and parade people right on my front lawn. It was an awesome way to meet people, serve a need (coffee!), and even invite them to church the next morning. Most cities have special events this weekend- is there a way for you to be involved? A parade or 5k run or local Easter egg hunt might be looking for someone like you to do something as simple as offer a warm coffee on a cool Spring day.

  1. At Rest

An encouragement I have for you if you get Good Friday off work/school like most Canadians do, is to actually and properly rest. Sometimes we are too quick to rush towards Sunday’s celebrating, but let’s not rush past the quiet, somber, and reflective gift that is Good Friday, the day Jesus died. It’s just as important for us to slow ourselves down and thank him for the cross, as it is to feast on Easter. Shut off your screens and social media. Go to church. Go for a walk. Read scripture. Journal. Nap. Slow yourself and remember the Lord’s work.

  1. Through Friends

Invite people over, feast, light candles, paint eggs, talk about what you’ve seen come to life that you’ve thought was dead. Or what you’ve seen die that you’re hoping God will bring back to life. The food doesn’t need to be fancy, and the friends don’t need to be many. But it is good to celebrate with others and be in community to share our joy and hopes for the future. Feel like you’d like more community? That’s also what we’re here for at See Hear Love! Connect with us by email or social media, we’d love to hear your resurrection story and share with you in the ups and downs of real life. Grab a coffee and let’s do Easter together!