Hi, here are FIVE things that you might not know about me …
1. I lived in Romania as an expat kid and France as a business student. These experiences greatly shaped my worldview and desire to see the whole world. (35 countries and counting…)
2. My favorite mode of transportation right now in the city is a Xiaomi electric scooter.  Goes about as fast as a bike, but folds down to tuck under the table at a restaurant. After going to LA and trying the rental ones like Bird and Lime, I came home and bought one immediately.
3. I drink a can of Coke every afternoon. Not bottle. Not glass. Always a can. I’m trying to switch to the “healthier” Coke Zero…but it’s a journey. Pray for me!
4. This year, a worship song I co-wrote won Inspirational Song of the Year at the GMA Covenant Awards. I’m part of an amazing group of writers at my church, so that was a fun bonus to our regular process of writing for our church.
5. After 9 years, I’ve just resigned from my full time church job! I’ll continue to attend that church, but I’m stepping into a new season where I’ll be speaking more and doing consulting with lots of churches on creative communications and the digital world.