I’ve been trying to put a finger on what it is exactly that first drew me to Meisha Watson. Was it her smile or her bubbly personality? Was it her over the top energy or her residual british accent? I had known of her for some time and even had the opportunity to connect with her by phone before we met again on set. However, as she sat across from us See Hear Love girls, it became clear what impacted me the most about this young girl:  Her childlike faith.

You hear it in her testimonies of God’s faithfulness and as she shares her burning passion to equip children of today with the knowledge of God’s love…Meisha is a young woman of great faith. Growing up in London, England and moving to Canada as a young teen, Meisha felt very much like an outsider. She struggled with feelings of low self esteem and worth, which led her to feeling quite broken and in need of constant affirmation. You would never know it from the beautiful, natural born leader that she is today, but Meisha would completely draw her identity from what others would say about her.  How many of us have been there or are still in that space today?

Meisha shared, that as the years progressed, she found her self-worth in the eyes of men. The more they remarked on her appearances, the more she felt confident, appreciated & loved. It didn’t take her long to realize what so many of us do…that particular road only leads to heartbreak and constant disappointment. After years of feeling empty & unworthy, Meisha was reintroduced to a God who loved her for who she was, completely and without condition…flaws and all.  As she began to search the scriptures, her life was totally transformed as she found her true value, worth & identity in God. Her entire life changed after that.

Meisha is now a TV Host of Living Local on Yes TV, as well as a Showrunner, creating Kids content at Crossroads. She’s also heavily involved in her church and is deeply passionate about the power of prayer & sharing the good news of the gospel with children. Her heart for Generation Z will move you tremendously, as it did me.  

My prayer is that this show would ignite your heart to dig deeper in prayer and know that the only ‘mirror’ to see your true reflection in, is the Word of God. May you continue to find completeness in Him, as Meisha has.