After celebrating the 175th episode with a full house of friends, fans, and family- I’ve got all the feels. 

We gathered at the Crossroads studios just before everything in the world went into “social distancing” mode, not knowing that so soon we wouldn’t be able to gather in large groups like that for a long time.

We ate, we laughed, we shared, we prayed, and we thanked YOU, our audience for 175 amazing episodes of your eyes and ears towards what we might have to say. I’m so grateful to be part of this show, because of you, the viewers.

Any show reaching 175 episodes is a huge feat. It requires determination, consistency, a huge team of people all doing their part, and also, financial backers who believe in the project. 

The tenacity and vision of Melinda Estabrooks has made this show happen, episode after episode, season after season, 175 times. It was important for a room full of people who work with her, her viewers, her family and friends to all come together to name and celebrate these gifts, as they go out into the world. Taking what she had in her hands and offering it back to God in order to serve women with something Christian television hadn’t really seen before this moment. Much gratitude to you, Mel.

I was also reminded at the show event just how many people it takes to pull this off, and the whole team deserves a celebration. We started with just a few people, and it led to directors, editors, sound engineers, producers, social media, photographers, guesting…and much more. I’m so grateful to how each one serves, and I have learned something from each of them about how to do this business. Thank you.

Along that line- some of my favourite moments on the show have been team moments. When we laugh at an inside joke, or read a story together from one of our viewers, or when we pray together. I’m so grateful for these Saints who carry this ministry forward, and the times we’ve shared together over 175 shows.

I’ve learned to dream bigger, work harder, and take more leaps into the unknown. Thank you See Hear Love!