Advent is about waiting for God to act as He has promised. It is a lesson about God’s Providence. The dictionary defines the word Providence as “divine guidance or care.” From a biblical perspective, history is “His Story.” The things that occur in this life are a part of a grander scheme.

The Bible teaches that God entered human history to redeem it. That sounds grand when you talk about history as a whole, but it is also true of yours and my personal history. God is working today to bring about His best in your life and mine. To do that, He calls on us to place our faith and trust in Him and receive ultimate peace. Peace with God and peace with one another.

Repeatedly, from the time of David himself, through the earthly kings who followed him and through the prophets, God promises that there will be a ruler of peace and justice who will judge the entire world and establish His kingdom.

Israel had long awaited the coming day of peace. It captured the nation’s imagination to think along Isaiah’s hopeful words of a day of restoration. Jehovah would come to establish a permanent reign of justice, peace, hope, and prosperity. The swords of nations would become plowshares. Spears would be transformed into instruments of harvest. Jehovah would personally arbitrate between nations, eradicating those conflicts that would lead to war, fighting, and its related devastation.

Isaiah’s words of hope about the coming “Prince of Peace” were not for his generation alone. Hope casts a vision for what could be. It casts a reference for life as God intended. It gives encouragement and purpose to the living who yearn for that greater reality and ultimate peace.

Jesus was born of a virgin: the promised Emmanuel; the anointed king; the Messiah from the dynasty of David. He established His kingdom among His followers and His kingdom will be forever. Even Israel was unaware when it happened. Yet God was faithful.

And He is faithful to you! Just because everything in your life isn’t going perfectly doesn’t mean that God isn’t present. Just because sin seems to have the upper hand and pain is a part of your everyday life, don’t despair. God hasn’t forgotten you. He works out His will through some pretty amazing circumstances to bring the ultimate peace into your life.

And one day, Christ will return to earth again as a triumphant King … How exciting! 

Merry Christmas!

Paul Estabrooks is a story-teller and loves to share the joys and triumphs as well as the challenges of Christians around the world who experience and overcome persecution. He has worked in broadcasting, as well as a variety of mission communication roles – including authoring five books – over the past forty years.