Change is hard on some level for all of us.

Whether we resist change with all our might, or we are more open to try new things and enjoy those feelings of adrenaline that it brings, we all struggle with change.

One of the main reasons for that is because we have become an expert in our old habit, old job, old relationship, or our old way of thinking. We know what to expect, we understand how that thing works, and we know how we will respond for the best success in that environment.

But change makes everyone a novice. It’s unfamiliar and awkward new territory to be a beginner when you’re used to being an expert. You feel clumsy and unsure. You wonder what is going to happen next because you haven’t been down this road before. And you may make “rookie mistakes” that make you question if you were ever good at anything ever before.

Have you been there?!

So, some advice for all of us when we become the novice all over again in a new thing.

Have grace for yourself. Have a good sense of humour as you fumble in the new and learn its rhythms. Lean into Jesus for wisdom and strength. Leave space to grieve the old thing, but don’t keep going back there. It’s going to be hard and awkward for a little while, but soon you’ll find your stride.

Think of yourself like a child learning a new instrument. Nobody is good the first day. It takes years of practice, learning, and muscle memory to become an expert- and it’s the same for your new changes. Nobody is expecting you to be as graceful as a concerto violinist your first moments in the new thing, so take courage and keep on trying.

Embrace change like a champ.