Tara Teng is simply amazing…

She is one of those women I would love to be. Making a big difference in this world by simply living her life, being a faithful wife, a loving mother and fighting against things she is passionate about.

I’ve met Tara only briefly at past events, but do feel we are kindred. We share a heart to help those caught in human trafficking, among other things. Tara has used her incredible platform as Miss World Canada to help bring awareness to this epidemic, among other things.

Passionate about social good and sisterhood, Tara is an anti-human trafficking activist and motivational speaker. She hosts Vancity Buzz on Novus TV and supports women through childbirth as a Doula.

She loves all things boho, a spicy sweet chai tea and meeting like-minded people who want to change the world.

Her numerous recognitions and rewards will prove that, out of this beautiful and small in stature woman, her impact is anything but minimal. Head to her blog at www.tarateng.com to learn more about this powerful Canadian woman!