#WCW Shaila Visser, National Director of Alpha Canada

Today we chose to crush on a woman we all regard as an incredible leader. One who is making waves across our nation for the Kingdom. Our Woman Crush on this Wednesday is… Shaila Visser!

When you watch the show today,  you will see that our general consensus is that Shaila is an incredible and humble leader. One that many look up to. A few years back, she experienced a miraculous healing from fungal meningitis, a very rare and life-threatening disease. The time she spent in the hospital was very significant for her and transformational in her Faith. She refers to it as her ‘best season of ministry’.

Alpha Canada is an incredible organization – an extension of Alpha International which was birthed in the UK. Youth Alpha is also in the process of being remade and relaunched too. This is a course & discussion group that focuses on life’s ‘big’ questions. For example, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Serious – it’s good stuff.

As a side-note for our fellow Ontarians, in the very near future, Alpha will be doing a relaunch in this beautiful province.

Head to Alpha Canada’s website to learn more and find a group near you!