#WCW – Marva Tyndale

I (Marcia Shelton) met Marva in 2007 when I was youth pastor at Dorset Park Baptist Church. She supported me in praying for the healing and restoration of youth and their families when the Holy Spirit led me to have a day of fasting and prayer with church leaders and community advocates to intercede for youth.

Marva has prayed blessing over me and although we do not connect in person, the ministry she has been entrusted with, impacted me. She has always admonished me to stay close to Christ and we are kindred spirits for seeing restoration with the family.

Her book, Keep Hope Alive – focuses on the hope that there is with youth and families – and it has encouraged me as we do similar work, but from a different angle.

She is a woman of prayer and she is passionately in love with Christ which has been an inspiration. Marva’s servant heart for people and desire to serve and allow Christ to use her has been a huge example and standard of commitment, passion and joy

Fun Tidbit: I didn’t realize when we met that we have been connected through our families in Jamaica – my mom’s cousin made her wedding bouquet when living in Jamaica. 🙂

 Host, Melinda Estabrooks, interviews Marva Tyndale on the Full Circle TV Show.