What Does Love Look Like?

Learn to do right, seek Justice. Defend the Oppressed. Take up the cause of the Fatherless, plead the case of the Widow.  Isaiah 1:17”

Wow, what a verse! Every single time I read it, something ignites within me This is more than a verse….this is every Believer’s’ life creed. I know it’s mine. I must say, this particular verse has literally shaped how I live and serve in my world.

One of my favourite quotes comes from forefront thought leader & Professor Emeritus of Princeton, Cornell West who said: “Never forget that Justice is what Love looks like in public.”

What an amazing reminder to us all.

We are called by God to seek justice, because we are called to LOVE.  We are called as sons & daughters to be His hands extended on the earth.  Because God loves us with an everlasting love, we in turn should love mankind. That truth begs the question: ‘what does love look like’? Is it stepping outside of our house and hugging every single person we see? Perhaps with the added bonus of a peck on their cheek? Somehow, I don’t think that will go over well with everyone, lolol.

Rather, we are called to show love in practical ways, daily, by wanting the very best for our brothers and sisters. This has less to do with relationship & connection and more to do with loving our fellow man. In this case, it’s not about who you know….but who you serve,  that counts. Part of wanting the very best for those around us is wanting what’s right & fair for them. To love mankind is to seek what is right on their behalf…to seek justice for them.

So, how do we go about fulfilling this verse? How do we seek justice and defend the oppressed and the fatherless as the bible instructs? Not everyone can live a life of social advocacy. I have been blessed to live a life of advocating for the oppressed (drug addicts, prostitutes, fatherless, those who have suffered abuse) and I can tell you that what started me on that path was a simple prayer.  I asked God to help me see my brothers & sisters as He see them…through His eyes. Instantly an overwhelming compassion came which ignited my heart to give voice to the voiceless & help those in need.

The truth is, we all have the ability to make a significant difference in our communities & in our world.

It’s not about having the right connections or lots of money or tremendous amounts of time to dedicate to volunteering. It is simply about being open to being used as His hands extended and asking God to break your heart for what breaks His. You will find that it starts there. He may lead you to sow financially into an organization that is on the frontlines of helping others or you may feel led to work alongside your church in an initiative for those in need. There may be a particular gift or talent that you are being impressed upon to utilize to help make a difference…or you may feel compelled to pray.  All of it is equally as important as the other…all of it counts. The most important thing, above all, is that we make a decision to extend God’s love outward, beyond ourselves. Remember….love looks like something…and in public, it looks like Justice.