When we were filming this episode, I had the honor of being ‘Acting Producer’ for the day. I enjoyed it a lot…like A LOT. It’s essentially when you get to boss everyone around and they have to listen to you or else the whole day falls behind. {sidenote: have I ever mentioned my nickname in daycare…yes DAYCARE…was ‘The Boss’. I never understood why. Let’s just say – now I know}

Anyway, I was sitting right beside the camera giving time signals to these girls, and this smallest phrase that no one else seemed to catch nearly knocked me off my chair. Thankfully it didn’t because that would have definitely caused a ruckus.

Right as she was wrapping up her talk, Jully said Every experience is a pre-requisite to purpose.’

Wow. I think if we could all just take a minute to think about that, there would be many experiences we’ve had that we wish we hadn’t. Situations we are angry we’ve had to endure or perhaps paths we’ve chosen that we write off to ‘mistakes’. This statement, however, forces us to think about how these things have shaped us (see what I did there?). It forces us to realize that we would not be who we are without the things we’ve been through. In fact, we would not be able to have the impact we’re having otherwise.

Some of you may be thinking, ‘yeah but my impact isn’t that big.’ Be careful. If you have impacted the life of ONE, it is worth it. Doesn’t Jesus compare God to a shepherd that would leave the ninety-nine to go after the one?

Your experiences have made you who you are and have helped build the brick road to your ‘purpose’. Let’s all try to remember this while we battle through trials – and even while we get incredible opportunities. God has a purpose for us. Now…I’m going to go eat some celery and sweep out my Motel 6…

S – Spirituality: what are you doing daily to nurture your spirituality?

H – Health: what kind of hotel are you providing the Spirit?

A – Abilities: what are your strengths that God has gifted you with?

P – Personality: Love your personality – it is valuable.

E – Experiences: Be grateful for your experiences.