It’s Not About the Bunny…

This past weekend, I was exiting a grocery store, behind a women with several bags, who was definitely on a mission to exit quickly and get to her car. I exited behind her, into the parking lot, taking a minute to look up and appreciate the afternoon,  I was suddenly pulled back into reality with a sharp crash.  The same woman had completely turned around and now collided with me bags and all!  “So sorry”, she apologized. “No problem, it’s okay”, I replied. “I almost forgot…it’s Easter next weekend!”

I smiled for many reasons: the first being that Easter is one of my most favourite times to celebrate with my family & the second because I was getting ready to wish her a ‘Happy Easter’ and find a casual way to find out how she was spending it…maybe even invite her to church. “If I don’t get the chocolate eggs for the easter hunt”, she said in a severe panic, “my sister’s going to kill me!”

I kind of felt my heart sink for a moment. It’s always saddens me how we as a society, have commercialized such a sacred holiday. When did this holy moment in time ever give way to easter bunnies & chocolate eggs? The truth is, it’s not about the bunny at all….it’s about the Cross.

Easter is the time we celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour. It’s a time when we reflect on the weight of the price that was paid for all of us through Jesus’s brutal torture and crucifixion. At the time of the Passover, Jesus the Messiah was crucified and buried. On the third day, He rose again, forever sealing our gift of eternal life with Him. Just like in the times of Moses…the blood of the lamb has defeated death for all those who will believe.

You see, as cute as they are, bunnies can’t save You. Only the Lamb of God can.

Jesus is the lamb of God. He is the perfect and final sacrifice that redeemed mankind from their curse of sin & reconnected us to a loving God.  He is the High Priest, and because of Him, we have direct access to our Heavenly Father. And we, as Believers, have the opportunity to honour and celebrate this foundational reason to our Faith. What a privilege!!

This Easter weekend, I pray that You would know His unconditional love for You and the unimaginable lengths He went to, to prove it. Remember: the Lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world (John 1:29). Last time I checked…..a million bunnies could NEVER do that. 🙂