Who Told You That? 

I slunk down deep into my armchair and let the defeat wash over me. The tears streamed down my face like a waterfall; Shame had encapsulated my heart- it was all I knew. I wore it daily like a coat and clung to the “security” it provided for me.   “If they only knew what I’ve done, then…
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Control Yourself

There’s something defeating about not being able to control yourself. This goes for anger, lust, words spoken in haste (for whatever reason), self-pity, any of those carnal desires harbouring in our hearts. Truly, we’re either mastered by our emotions, appetites, the circumstances around us or we are centred in who we…
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Maggie Baratto

In 2011, God asked Maggie and Eddie Baratto to found Father’s Heart Healing Ministries.  Maggie began speaking at regular meetings held at the local legion in Arthur, Ontario.  After several years, God called her to open a healing centre in a store-front retail space on the main street in Arthur. …
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