Stéphanie Rourke Jackson is the founder and CEO (chief enthusiasm officer) of Beacon
Coaching & Leadership. Her Identity Mapping program supports radical self-awareness.
Stéphanie’s desire is to help people discover, understand and live in the sweet spot of
their full potential particularly in work and relationships. When you know your full
identity, your shine qualities, the shadowy parts that cause you to over or under function
and how to shift your perspective to manage your life, you are successful and live with
confident joy!

Stéphanie is passionate about women’s rights, especially in the area of human
trafficking. She partners with local organizations to help eradicate this heinous injustice.
A constant learner and student, Stéphanie feels fuelled reading at least 3 books at a
time, coming up with new ideas, collaborating with other entrepreneurs and is the co-
creator of the Chaos to Calm Retreats for Women. In her downtime she can be found
sipping a glass of wine on a patio with girlfriends, running on the Oak Ridges trail,
laughing with her older kids and sharing a plate of nachos in bed with her best-friend,
husband of 29 years. Stéphanie is a curator and teller of life stories that help heal the
messy parts of life. She has lived experience with infidelity and ADHD and has found a
way to use this pain as part of her purpose. She strongly believes that life is more
beautiful for being broken and embraces all of it as an adventure!