Joel Thiessen – May 19th

Joel Thiessen is Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University, in Calgary, Alberta. In addition to publishing several articles, he has written four books: The Sociology of Religion: A Canadian Perspective (co-authored with Lorne L. Dawson); The Meaning of Sunday: The Practice of…
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Maggie Baratto

In 2011, God asked Maggie and Eddie Baratto to found Father’s Heart Healing Ministries.  Maggie began speaking at regular meetings held at the local legion in Arthur, Ontario.  After several years, God called her to open a healing centre in a store-front retail space on the main street in Arthur. …
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Beverly Hadland

Bev is a passionate advocate for and servant to Canada’s First Peoples. She travels across Canada speaking a message of hope and healing while helping to raise awareness and meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. She assists Crossroads media ministry to First Peoples and, as a trusted Partner Relations…
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