I was born and raised in Newfoundland. I moved to Ontario in 1971, met and dated my husband for 3 months then married the man of my dreams. We have been married for 48 years, have 3 children, (47, 44 and 29.) The youngest is adopted from Romania. We have 4 grandchildren ages 10-24. 

I am a retired nurse, and fostered 14 children, mostly babies and did various other jobs before I went into nursing. I have always had a heart for those hurting so once my older children were older I went into nursing which I did for 27 years. I have always been active in my church, doing various programs, girls group leader, Women’s Ministries, Choir and cooked dinner for teens for 4 years to feed them supper before Youth Group. The latter years I cooked meals for those attending ALPHA. This was all so rewarding. I became a Christian in 1977, although I have always gone to church. I figured I was always a Christian until I realized you had to give your heart to Jesus and follow Him every day in everything you do and say. People now ask me if I’m a Christian, and when I ask why they ask that, they say I am different. I am glad God is seen through me. I always want to be known to others for my love for God. I love being able to serve God and others. When I arrived in PEI Sept.2012 I got involved in Bibles for Missions, now known as Mission Thrift Store. I volunteered as Assistant Manager for 5 years, became General Manager February 2019. I do my daily devotions before I leave for work then look forward to the I devotions in the store before we open, watching the group grow from 3 to 20+. Watching these people grow in Faith gives you a great feeling, knowing I do make a difference in lives.

Working at Mission Thrift Store, formerly Bibles for Missions, I can also serve God. We help those in need of clothing or household items. We have many needs in Charlottetown, even those getting out of jail, some going to Teen Challenge. We pray for those in need every morning during devotions and safety for our customers as they come and go. It is nice to be able to chat with a customer in need of an ear, and I personally feel so blessed to be able to work in this great organization. We are one of 50 stores across Canada, we are partnered with the Bible League of Canada and send our net profit to them to do the great work they do in 43 Countries as well as Canada. 

My greatest passion in life is to know God more, depend on Him where He leads. I trust and obey, knowing there is no other way, then to trust God always and do His will for my life. I want people to see God in me, a woman after God’s own heart. Life isn’t easy, I will stumble and fall; go through rough waters, and with God’s forgiveness I can get up and continue on God’s journey for me. Rough times help me become a stronger Christian. If I listen, I will hear God calling. God knows the plan for my life, and He will direct me on the right path.