Loretta Hibbs is the Founder and President of City Dream Centre, a non-profit organization offering support to the most vulnerable populations in the City of Surrey and beyond.  City Dream Centre provides education, training, dental care, school support, and hunger relief programs. Loretta’s heart is to help individuals and families move from poverty, homelessness, addiction and prison to a life of hope and self-sufficiency. As a revenue stream to support the work of City Dream Centre, Loretta opened For the Love of Thrifting in 2016, a beautiful boutique style, nonprofit thrift store. The store specializes in home décor items and new or lightly used clothing.

Loretta has been married for 40 years to her husband David and has 4 grown children and 10 grandchildren. Loretta’s mission is to serve humanity, focusing on the underprivileged and marginalized in our community. Having personally experienced poverty and a broken home growing up, she has a desire to help those that feel invisible to feel visible, bringing value and dignity in a practical way.