Eryn-Faye (known as Ferf to close friends and family) is a recurring guest on radio, TV and in churches across North America. Her book, The Essential Elements of Sex: 9 Secrets to a Lifetime of Intimacy, gives couples the biblical building blocks to make their marriages grow and thrive throughout the decades together. Through her speaking engagements and private coaching practice, she creates space for meaningful conversations about relationships, sexual intimacy…and now cancer.
Eryn-Faye was ten when her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and was launched into the unwelcome world of chronic illness. She finally lost her mom eight years later. Her dad remarried four months afterward (yes, that’s MONTHS), and then was diagnosed with brain cancer when Eryn-Faye was twenty. He was dead a year later. Having witnessed first-hand the toll that cancer takes on family relationships, Eryn-Faye is determined to be the best wife, mom and Ferf she can be throughout this whole experience.
Eryn-Faye holds a law degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. When she’s not writing, doing chemo/radiation or taking naps, Eryn-Faye is most likely to be found advocating for women and children, both at home and in developing countries. She has lived in four countries and traveled extensively across Europe, Asia and Africa where she unwittingly left a large portion of her heart. One day she intends to go back there and spend inordinate amounts of time looking for it.