My name is Char Quiring and I  grew up in southern Ontario on a farm, moved to Manitoba with my family in my teen years, and eventually went to Bible school in Saskatchewan where I met my future husband Reg. When we married, I moved to Saskatoon where we raised a family and grew a family business. 

Since becoming a Christian at a young age, and experiencing the incredible peace and purpose that knowing Jesus personally brought, I have been compelled to share His love with others.

My involvement in ministry throughout my life has been as a layperson, and I have served in various roles in the local church. I have three grown and married children and have spent a good part of my career working in our family-owned business. 

Although I wasn’t passionate about payroll, accounting, Human Resources or my other career roles, I know God has used them to teach me practical and personal lessons. 

My passion has always been to see other people, and specifically young women grasp how good and full life with Jesus is; to have heart transformation.  I long for others to see that He is everything we need and if we seek Him; He promises to be found.  Finding Him means understanding our value, worth, purpose and hope for the future. 

I can see now how so many things in my life, dreams, experiences, friendships, serving roles, desires have led to God planting a vision of Sisterhood here in Saskatchewan in my heart.  It is through relationships, connection with all generations, and biblical teaching that Jesus’ gospel becomes real to myself and others.

The timing to birth and lead Sisterhood has been right for me as my kids are adults, and I have recently stepped away from full-time work to devote time and energy into this ministry.  We are headed into our 7th year and recently stepped out of Elim church to be affiliated with them, but also to partner with other churches to reach our entire community.  I have been stretched over and over in this role and can honestly say I hold tight to Jesus because I don’t know where Sisterhood is headed next, but He does, and He is there! 

Fun fact – I love to host family and friends, to celebrate any occasion, and would much rather go for a walk, run or bike ride than do yard work