Andrea obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brock University and then went on to obtain a
Bachelor of Sport Management which included health related and business courses. She comes from a
strong Entrepreneurial family having deep roots and enjoys start-up ventures and the challenges it can
bring. She has been in the healthcare industry for almost 20 years and has spent the last 10 years
managing various teams across Canada. She currently is the Associate Director of Sales for Takeda. In
2019 she was recognized as the “2018 Commercial Leader of the Year”. As well, she is part of the
Women Leaders in Pharma Executive Team and is currently building out a coaching and mentoring
program for women in the pharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about coaching, mentoring and
developing individual strengths. One of her current goals is to further her skills around coaching and to
complete her coaching certificate in 2020. She is active in her church community having been involved
with children’s ministry for years and has recently transitioned over to Women’s Ministry Committee
which she is thoroughly enjoying.
On a personal note she is married to her husband Dan and together they have 3 beautiful children. Ava
15, Nathan 12 and Addison who is 7. They enjoy spending time as a family, being active and always
looking for new places and ventures to explore and learn.